My journey so far…

At the beginning of the year I decided to stop drinking alcohol.  I wasn’t sure then what my end game was.  Did I want to give up forever or cut down?  One thing was for sure, I wanted to give alcohol a break to see what life was like without it!

Three months later I’m in Bergen, Norway (beautiful place by the way), on a weekend away with my husband and we decide to go to a bar.  Now I had been alright until then, reminding myself that alcohol is a poison and a drug and will make me feel awful.  So what do I do?  Completely ignore my own advice and three drinks later I feel a bit lightheaded, have a chocolate craving and literally inhale a bar of chocolate and then engulf a burger.

Roll on midnight and I’m totally regretting my decision as I spend the next few hours talking to God on the porcelain telephone, saying goodbye to the contents of my stomach.  Lesson learned – again!

So here I am in a bar again right now drinking… 

Apple juice.  Apple juice is good 🙂

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