Women and alcohol

For a woman, juggling life is a struggle.  We have multiple roles; we may have a career, we are wives, partners, mothers, cooks and cleaners.  After racing home from a stressful day at the office, only to be greeted by other demands of cooking and homework, it is easy to pop open that bottle of wine, transitioning our shift from day to night.  It is a modern ritual and nobody questions it.

Mother’s who work at home, looking after a baby or youngster are just as overwhelmed.  They work all day and often at night, attending to the needs of others.  Never getting an hour off unless they are asleep or get some help from a partner or friend.  Sometimes that break doesn’t ever come, especially if  you are a lone parent.  If you look at social media such as Facebook, there is a page called ‘Moms who need Wine’ which has nearly 725,000 followers.

We drink to unwind, to cope.  There’s a feeling of “I’m doing it all; Why shouldn’t I have something for myself?!!”.

My drinking triggers were relationships, a rotten day at work and escapism from any troubled thoughts.  But not all of my triggers were from bad events, sometimes I just wanted to go out with my mates, get silly, have a giggle and not feel responsible any more!

What are (or were) your triggers?  What makes you want to say to heck with it all and rush down to the local off-licence to get a bottle of wine, or can of cider?

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