The point of this blog…

So why the cat pictures I hear you say?  Surely I should be posting a picture of some forlorn and drunk woman, slumped over a table, makeup running down her face with numerous empty bottles in front of her who has given up on life.  That was far too depressing a picture to post, too obvious and, what can I say…. I like cats.  I especially like the photo above, where this inquisitive feline is peering out at the world, trying to figure it all out, or is perhaps planning to pursue her next victim.  That’s what I do at times (at least I try to figure out life, not attack mice; because that would be weird, and quite frankly, I wouldn’t be very good at it).

So back to the point of this blog (I did say I may ramble on and get diverted).  So where did this begin?  I have been questioning the amount I have been drinking for years.  Probably since I started as a teenager. Alcohol has been both enormous fun and a terrible curse all at the same time.   More recently I noticed how addicted I was to it, but no more so than many other people, I imagine.  There would be any excuse.  A stressful day, work was pissing me off or someone had wound me up.  I was drinking more than a few times a week and I didn’t want to be reliant on a drug.  I also can’t bear the hangovers and the awful groggy feeling you get the next day, not to mention that I was sometimes more short tempered and less patient with my family.

But this isn’t just a blog about me.  It is about any woman who thinks they may be drinking too much alcohol and wants to explore cutting down, giving it up altogether or is simply interested.   It is for anyone who wants to look outside of the box and wonder why most of society rely on alcohol so much.  It is for any lady who is thinking about becoming ‘Liquorless’.

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